Surprising Details On How Little The Spider-Man Deal Cost; Also: Casting Age Range And Spin-Offs

The grand total of cash exchanged between Sony Pictures and Marvel/Disney over the use of Spider-Man is $0.00.

That's right. According to a report by Variety, neither studio will share profits over any of the films that include the webslinger. Nor is producer Kevin Feige getting anything extra to produce a 2017 Spider-Man film. Everyone will keep the gross of their films, and that's it. The deal is strictly based on the belief that including Spider-Man in Marvel movies, and making Sony's movie part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will increase the bottom line for everyone.

Among the other Spider-Man updates are the fact the new actor playing the role will, in fact, be younger and that the planned spin-offs such as Sinister Six, Venom and the female centric film are still in development. Read more about the Spider-Man Sony Marvel deal below.

The news of the Spider-Man Sony Marvel deal comes from Variety. Here's a short excerpt:

Marvel Studios won't pay Sony Pictures for the rights to put Spider-Man in "Captain America: Civil War," the "Avengers" franchise or its other superhero films, as part of its new partnership with the studio," according to sources with knowledge of the deal. At the same time, Marvel won't receive a cut of the box office for any of Sony's films that feature Spider-Man. Sony won't receive a percentage of the revenue Disney makes from Marvel's films that have Spider-Man, either.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige also won't receive payment for his role in helping revive Sony's "Spider-Man" franchise, according to sources.

That's kind of insane. It's two major corporations basically shaking hands and agreeing that, by sharing one of their assets, they can both benefit. I'm not sure if this is bigger deal in a business sense or just in terms of people in Hollywood being nice.

They're certainly right in that it will help revive Sony's franchise and add a cherry on top of Marvel's already magnificent sundae.

As for the other parts of the story we'd heard, and kind of assumed. the new Spider-Man will be younger. That's true. Variety's sources say the character will once again be high school age.

And then there are Sony's Spider-Man spin-offs:

The studio is still moving forward with the Spider-Man villain-centric "Sinister Six," and "Venom" spinoff, as well as a film that features female characters in the "Spider-Man" universe. "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" has been cancelled. While Marvel's Feige is involved with Sony's new "Spider-Man" films, he currently is not expected to be creatively involved with the spinoffs, sources say.

So much information here. What, to you, is the most surprising part of the Spider-Man Sony Marvel deal?