Rumor: NBC May Give 'Constantine' A New Life And Title On SyFy

The future of Constantine has been uncertain ever since NBC decided to limit the first season order to 13 episodes, and has been sluggish about calling for a second season. But if one rumor is correct, things may not be as dire as they seem. Word is that NBC might bounce Constantine over to SyFy, which, for one, would change ratings expectations for the show.

In addition, there could be a change in the nature of the series, as it wouldn't need to conform to network standards. Indeed, rumor is that the show could take on the title Hellblazer, and perhaps be even closer to the comics on which it is based.

Cinelinx has the rumor, and at this point the story has to be considered little more than that. Even the site is super-cautious about the story.

And yeah, it's the sort of things to make fan wishes come true. Constantine doesn't have a huge audience, but what it does have is rather passionate. So a second life on SyFy wouldn't be a bad thing, especially if the cast and creative team was able to carry on.

And, even better, the rumored title change would indicate an even more deliberate attempt to stick to the comic series Hellblazer that has been the primary home for John Constantine stories since the late '80s. Constantine struggled to find its feet in the first few episodes, but has reportedly become quite a bit stronger as the first 13 episodes went on. (John Constantine's signature smoking habit has even been seen, despite early reports that such a thing was a no-go.) A bit less network oversight wouldn't be a bad thing for ol' John.

All that said, however, we're pretty suspicious here, if also hopeful. The move would be one thing, but rebranding the show as Hellblazer is possibly too much to hope for. Still, we're seeking more active confirmation.