J.J. Abrams Talks 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Lightsaber, Episodes 8 And 9, CG Vs. Practical Effects

J.J. Abrams has heard your complaints about Kylo Ren's lightsaber. He's heard that it's terrible, and that it is great, and he thinks it's all hilarious. That's just one of the facts uncovered Wednesday when the director was given an award by the Visual Effects Society. Abrams, the co-writer and director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, did some interviews before the event and our friends at Collider got five minutes to talk to Abrams about the franchise.

He talks about Kylo Ren's lightsaber, the IMAX sequence, CG effects in the film, his role on the forthcoming Episodes VIII and IX, and gives some brief non-answers about the next trailer and Comic-Con. Watch the latest JJ Abrams Star Wars interview below.

Thanks to Collider for the JJ Abrams Star Wars interview.

Some of the stuff here we already knew. The one IMAX sequence for example. But it's awesome to hear Abrams talk about the controversial lightsaber. He talks about using CG in this film more to remove things then to add them, which is pretty interesting, and then also suggests they'll be at Comic Con and are "working" on a new trailer.

There's also the fact they're still editing so they haven't watched the film as a whole. That's new. And we also learn that he's exec producing Episodes VIII and IX, which is the same role he's currently serving on Star Trek 3.

Here's the transcribed quote about the lightsaber. Watch the J.J. Abrams Star Wars interview for everything else:

It was a number of conversations [that led to the design].  It was a sketch that became a whole thing and, you know, this was not done without a lot of conversation and it's fun to see people have the conversation that we had, but in reverse.

I will say that what's been funny is, since the lightsaber's come out, I cannot tell you how many contradictory emails I have received from people who have both defended it with unbelievably detailed graphics...I've gotten things that are nuts, and I've gotten people who've shown how it'll kill you and how it doesn't make any sense.  It's been the funniest thing to see the arguments that have developed over this thing.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 18.