See How 'Jurassic World' Effects Dramatically Evolved From One Trailer To The Next [Photos]

Jurassic World got our attention with a new Super Bowl spot today, and the film looks significantly different now than it did a couple months ago. We often wonder if effects from early trailers will be significantly changed between that trailer and the full movie. It's rare that we get to see as quick a change as we do from the original Jurassic World theatrical trailer and this new Super Bowl spot.

Quite a few shots appear in both trailers, but more than half a dozen look at least a bit different. Some are massively changed. Check out side-by-side comparison of old and updated Jurassic World effects below.

In each pair of images below, the original is on the left and the updated is on the right. In the gallery view, each is also marked new, or original. These shots are all taken from the YouTube postings of each trailer on Universal's official YouTube account. They are as close to exact frame to frame comparisons as possible, though with YouTube it is sometimes difficult to grab exact 1:1 comparison shots.

Click the shots for enlarged gallery views.

OK, first pair doesn't have huge differences, but you'll see some lighting tweaks, and better details.

But this second pair is hugely different, with a totally re-composed background that alters the park's geography and architecture, altered water effects, and more subtle lighting.

This shot is a good callback to the original film. In the new version, there are more dinos, and the lighting is slightly softened.

These two shots are very similar from old trailer to new, but you'll notice some lighting tweaks.

Remember this shot from the first trailer? Now we know what the people were running from. The pterodactyl attack is one of the big moments in the new trailer, but surprise! It was in the first trailer, in very unfinished form.

The primary difference here is lighting, which you'll notice is softer, revealing more detail in the velociraptors.

But the lighting changes in previous shots are nothing compared to this. There's far more light in this shot now, revealing more of the velociraptors and also Chris Pratt's character.

And, once again, a huge lighting change, and there's also far less foliage in the way of the shot. Presumably the raptors are more finished, and can be shown in better light.

Of course, there are also many new shots in the Super Bowl trailer, which you can see here. What else did we miss in the updated effects? And if these changes have been made in the past few weeks, how much more can we expect to see between now and the final release?