New 'Jetsons' Animated Movie In The Works

Everyone's favorite futuristic family, The Jetsons, have been around for a while. They started in the Sixties, had a movie made back in 1990 and, over the past few years, several people – including Kanye West – have been thinking about making another. Well, the needle is moving once again on a new Jetsons movie and, this time, it's a lot more believable. Warner Bros. has hired Matt Lieberman to penning a screenplay to a new animated feature.

Deadline broke the news of the new Jetsons movie. Warner Bros. controls the rights and they've made the project a priority. Still, a priority animated film still needs a good 4-5 years to get made, minimum. The studio themselves have multiple Lego animated films dated through 2018, so this film almost certainly wouldn't be out until at least then, and probably later.The Jetsons were a super popular cartoon when they first aired in the 1960s, showing a happy-go-lucky family living in the future. They saw a bit of a resurgence in the Eighties thanks to reruns, hence the 1990 movie. That movie was not a hit, though only grossing $20 million at the box office with a prime summer release. As to why Warner Bros. thinks The Jetsons will be popular in the next several years is a mystery, but maybe it's the sign they have more than just a movie in store for George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, Rosie and Astro.

Do you think people will be interested in a new Jetsons movie?