Rumor: 'Star Wars' Spinoff Will Feature Both Han Solo And Boba Fett

For months, we've heard two seemingly conflicting rumors about one Star Wars spinoff: one, that it'll be about Boba Fett, and two, that it'll be about Han Solo. The common assumption was that one or the other had to be false — but if this latest rumor is true, it could mean both of the other ones are, too.

Word is the Star Wars spinoff won't be a Han Solo story or a Boba Fett story, but a single film that includes both fan-favorite characters. More on the Star Wars spinoff rumor after the jump. 

Latino Review is the source of the latest rumor. As usual, we warn you that Disney hasn't yet confirmed any of this dirt, and that this claim should be taken with a big fat grain of salt for the time being.

The new theory fits several other unconfirmed reports circulating about the spinoff. Last November, we were the first to report a rumor that the spinoff would follow a group of bounty hunters hired to steal the plans for the first Death Star. ("Think the Seven Samurai or Suicide Squad meets Ocean's Eleven in the world of Star Wars," Germain wrote at the time.) The same source indicated Millennium Falcon would somehow be involved.

This week, Making Star Wars learned from sources in and around Pinewood Studios that bounty hunters would be "important to the film," which is going by the working title Los Alamos. They further speculate that the temporary name points to the Manhattan Project and therefore Geonosis. Or maybe it's just referring to the spinoff shooting in Mexico, which the site has also heard.

The recent Latino Review rumor does go against one other thing we heard about the Star Wars spinoff. Our source had said Han Solo would not appear in the movie, even though his ship would. They were unable to confirm whether Boba Fett would appear. But as I said, Disney isn't spilling any details for now. It's not so surprising that a couple of early rumors would contradict each other.

What we do know is that the spinoff will be directed by Gareth Edwards. Gary Whitta wrote the first draft of the script but Simon Kinberg may have taken over. Shooting begins this spring in London's Pinewood Studios (which doesn't mean it's not also shooting in Mexico).

Tatiana Maslany, Rooney Mara, Kate Mara, and Felicity Jones are said to be testing for a role in the film, but character details have not been revealed. The Star Wars spinoff opens December 16, 2016.