VOTD: The 'Boyhood' Song Gets A New, More 'Boyhood'-Centric Video

If you follow movies, you're certainly familiar with Family of the Year's "Hero." Only there's a good chance you just know it as "the Boyhood song." It's the wistful ballad that plays over all the trailers, and that got played again and again Sunday night as Boyhood was celebrated at the Golden Globes.

"Hero" wasn't written for Boyhood, and in fact had already charted before Boyhood came along. But Family of the Year has decided to lean into the connection, issuing a new music video that's all about Boyhood. Watch the Boyhood song music video after the jump.

Family of the Year unveiled the new video on YouTube. It's sort of like a 3-minute version of Boyhood — perfect for those days when you want to sob uncontrollably about the inexorable passage of time but don't have three hours to spend rewatching Richard Linklater's movie.

For comparison, here's the original "Hero" music video, which has less Ellar Coltrane and more bucking bulls.