WTF: They're Actually Making A Sequel To The Awful 'Ouija' Movie

I have a vague recollection of seeing Ouija in the theater. I remember walking in, I remember Olivia Cooke and that iconic board game. I also have a weird memory of a finale in a basement. But that's basically it. Suffice to say, the movie didn't stick with me. It wasn't that scary or compelling and I haven't really thought about it since.

But no matter. The film only cost $5 million, had a $20 million opening, grossed $50 million domestic and another $30 million and change internationally. $5 million to make almost $85 million? That's something film producers remember. Because of that, a Ouija sequel is in the works.

Collider got the Ouija sequel news. They were talking to the Platinum Dunes team on the occasion of Project Almanac and asked what other movies they had coming up:

Ouija 2 is coming.

No information beyond that, unfortunately, but it is news. Until now, there hasn't been any mention of a follow up.

Honestly, the biggest problem with Quija is that it really wasn't about the Ouija board. It used the board as weird conduit for the story of some teens haunted by a murderous family. (I was joking before, I did remember it. Kind of.) A story about the board, its powers, its history, that might actually be kind of cool. The movie is called Ouija, for crying out loud! The first movie would have been very similar if you took the board out of it. If the characters just did some kind of normal seance, very little would have been different.

Long before the film ended up in the hands of director Stiles White, Ouija was being developed by a ton of other filmmakers. McG was on board for a while, then Breck Eisner, even Simon Kinberg took a crack at it at one point. Originally, it was described as a big adventure movie like Pirates of the Caribbean. That sounded interesting, but also very expensive, and eventually the film was squeezed down to the $5 million movie we saw. For the sequel to do well, you'd think it'll probably remain in that ballpark, instead of the original concept.

Did you like the original Ouija? Will you see a Ouija sequel?