Watch Patton Oswalt And Patrick Wilson Discuss 'Watchmen'

Years later, people still have strong opinions about Zack Snyder's film of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen. The picture starred Patrick Wilson as Dan Dreiberg, who takes up the crime-fighting mantle of his idol, the Nite Owl. Snyder's film was particularly faithful to the original comic story, which became a point of criticism. Wilson recently did a Q&A with comedian Patton Oswalt, and an audience member asked about Oswalt and Wilson's respective opinions on the film. The conversation is caught on video, and a few good points are made. Watch Patton Oswalt and Patrick Wilson discuss Watchmen below.

I side generally with Oswalt here — the parts of the film that worked best for me were the scenes he mentions specifically, where Snyder took some license with the material. I like the changed ending, and thing that was a smart call. I, too, would have liked to see a film that was more loose with the source material overall. The resolute adherence to the framing and composition of original comic panels felt like it stifled the story on screen.

But I can see Wilson's perspective, especially with respect to finding the character in a story which was not in (for him) a familiar mode. And there's definitely an appeal to recreating specific iconic panels — I would argue that, in a film that was more dedicated to finding its own identity, those specific panel recreations might have had more power. [via The Playlist]