'The Voices' Trailer: Ryan Reynolds Talks To Animals In This Dark Comedy

Not unlike Ryan Reynolds' character in The Voices, you have a dilemma. You can watch the latest trailer for the dark comedy, which opens February 6, and get spoiled on some of the film's bigger surprises. Or you can not watch it. But once you know more about the film, the latter option might be difficult to deny.

In The Voices, directed by Marjane Satrapi, Reynolds is a likable factory worker who talks to his animals. His dog and his cat are his own personal version of the angel and devil on his shoulder. As he goes through life interacting with these two animals, his actions become increasingly shocking and disturbing. The Voices co-stars Anna Kendrick, Gemma Arterto, Jacki Weaver and we liked it at Sundance. You can read our non-spoiler review there or, if you so choose, you can watch The Voices trailer below.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly for The Voices trailer. Here's an embed. But again, remember this trailer pretty much spoils the entire movie.

The Voices Trailer

So yeah, the voices are in Jerry's head and he starts killing women. Watching the movie at Sundance last year I had no idea that's where it was going to go and it was pretty shocking. I kind of feel like, if you know where it's going, you'll lose some of the shock value, but you might gain some nuance in the dramatic irony in Reynolds' performance. And it's a performance that's quite good.

Here's an excerpt from our review. The Voices hits VOD and theaters February 6.

Satrapi balances humor and darker elements with great skill, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat even in the funniest moments. The whole film has an uneasy feeling and the screenplay by Michael R. Perry (Paranormal Activity 2) dispenses horrifying vital information in drips and drabs. Major reveals are accomplished visually, and gasps were audible in my screening as truths about Jerry were revealed.

The scariest thing is that as Jerry slowly begins to give in to his dark side, he's still kind of likable. He never goes completely over the edge. That's almost all thanks to Reynolds' performance as the actor uses his natural charm to be the antithesis of crazy Jerry.

The Voices is an insane movie. It gives a unique and surprising spin to a story we've seen many times, in many genres. Once you realize what the film is doing, it's pretty predictable, but you still won't believe what you're seeing.