LOL: 'Jurassic Parks And Recreation' Pits Andy Dwyer Against Dinos

Pretty much the moment Chris Pratt was announced as the star of Jurassic World, we Parks and Recreation fans started to wonder Andy Dwyer would make of all this. After all, hanging out in a dino park all day is exactly the kind of thing that'd get Pawnee's most lovable idiot to make this face:

Andy Dwyer amazed

Well, wonder no more because some genius on the Internet has created Jurassic Parks and Recreation, a mash-up combining the Jurassic World trailer with some of Andy's most memorable moments. Watch Jurassic Parks and Recreation after the jump.

Thanks Mom Productions created Jurassic Parks and Recreation and posted it on YouTube.

There are two takeaways here. One is that Andy Dwyer would be a terrible dino wrangler. No matter how badass he looks as Burt Macklin.

The other is that we definitely need more Jurassic Park Parks and Recreation mash-ups. While Andy has no hope against the dinos, I'd love to see Ron Swanson hunt down velociraptors, or Jamm get eaten by a T-rex while on the toilet.

The sadly dino-free final season of Parks and Recreation kicks off January 13Jurassic World opens June 12.