50 Ant-Man Photos: Let's Over-Analyze The Teaser Trailer

Last night, Walt Disney Pictures released the first teaser trailer for Peyton Reed's Ant-ManYou can watch that trailer here, in case you haven't seen it already. And for those of you who really want to take in all of the visuals revealed in the first Ant-Man trailer, we have compiled a batch of high resolution images from the film to let you take in all the goodness one shot at a time, complete with an image by image analysis by me. Hit the jump to see the Ant-man photos now.

Ant-Man Photos

We open on a shot of the bridge leading to Oakland California.


We see Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) surrender to a group of cops who have him surrounded.


Judging by his outfit, Scott Lang has been caught in an illegal act, most likely a burglary.


We get our first look at Hank Pym (played by Michael Douglas), who is staring up at an elaborate set of monitors.


A lot of the material on the control center panels is too blurry to make out but we do see a few cameras of Scott being arrested by cops as well as some other monitors with security cameras. Could it be that Scott Lang was trying to steal something from Hank Pym's lab?


Scott is released from a heavy duty prison.


The cop on the right almost looks like character actor Glenn Morshower, who is probably best known as Aaron Pierce on 24 but also appears in Michael Bay's Transformers films and has appeared in various roles in previous Marvel productions: He portrayed General Jacobs in episodes of The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as Colonel Hendry in the 20th Century Fox's X-Men: First Class. The IMDb credits don't list Morshower as having a role in the movie, so it might not be him.


Lang drives his beaten up old van through the Marin headlands with a backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm guessing hes headed to San Francisco.


Hank Pym explains to Lang that "second chances don't come around  all the often".

Ant-Man Michael DouglasAnt-Man Paul Rudd

We cut to a shot of Hank Pym working away at a rudimentary work bench.

Ant-Man Michael Douglas

Lang is looking at something.

Ant-Man Paul Rudd

A shot of Scott Lang's daughter Cassie Lang, played by Abby Ryder Fortson. She has appeared in the Amazon original series Transparent as well as the Duplass Brothers' upcoming HBO show Togetherness.

Ant-Man Abby Ryder Fortson

A high tech lab, the location and owner of which will be revealed in a few shots.


Hank Pym enters his hidden underground laboratory.


Scott Lang looks on in amazement.

Ant-Man Paul Rudd

Exterior of the Pym Corporation, which appears to be based on an island. I believe this is a shot of Treasure Island, the island that sits between Oakland, the Bay bridge and San Francisco.

Pym corporation Ant-ManZZ0EA7F361

Apparently we are now inside the Pym corporation labs with Darren Cross leading a bunch of suits around. Cross, aka Yellowjacket, is played in the film by Corey Stoll (Bourne Legacy, House of Cards).

Ant-Man Corey Stoll

Cross leads the group to a room which looks like it could have been a set from one of The Amazing Spider-Man movies.

Ant-Man Corey Stoll

Cut to Hope Van Dyne (played by Lost star Evangeline Lilly sporting a horribly fake looking haircut) doing something fishy in one of the Pym Corp server rooms.

Ant-Man Evangeline Lilly

We now see Scott at his daughter's birthday party. You can see part of Cassie Lang's name on one of the banners in the background.

Ant-ManAnt-Man Abby Ryder Fortson Paul Rudd

After taking a look at his personal stakes, Scott Lang realizes what he must do.

Ant-Man Paul Rudd

The Ant-Man costume awaits.


"I want you to be the Ant-Man...." "...huh"

Ant-Man Paul Rudd

Scott Lang is now suited up as Ant-Man in a shower.

Ant-Man Paul RuddAnt-Man Paul Rudd

He presses the button on his right glove and shrinks down to the size of an ant.

ant-man shrinks gif

Check out all the detailing of the tiny-now-huge specs on the bottom of the tub.

Ant-Man Paul RuddMichael Peña plays Luis, which judging by the tag displayed by his character is a Pym Corp security officer.Michael Pena Ant-Man

A fly lands in front of Ant-Man. This shot — along with a few of the other effects shots in the trailer — is one we saw in the first footage debuted at Comic Con last summer. That timing also means it was done before principal photography even started, and as such may look a bit different in the final film.


A strange cut back to a fight in the CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) prison from early in the film. Lang appears to be getting roughed up by a fellow inmate. This shot feels out of place, my guess is they needed a visual action shot to cut into their fast cut action montage?


Pym Corporation is being evacuated.


Scott Lang visits his sleeping daughter while in his Ant-Man armor.

Ant-Man Abby Ryder Fortson Paul Rudd

Scott Lang is putting alcohol on his wounds.

Ant-Man Paul Rudd

Scott is being trained.


An assault on a foreign compound.


Darren Cross  looks angry.

Ant-Man Corey Stoll

Evangeline Lilly's Hope Van Dyne brandishes a gun.

Evangeline Lilly's Hope Van Dyne

Ant-Man, human sized, runs through a hallway.


Notice the style of the look changes as Ant-Man is tiny-sized.


Ant-Man jumps on top of the fly. This is another early shot.


Any-Man makes an escape on the flying insect.


A shot from the comics for comparison:


"One question, is it too late to change the name?"

Ant-Man Paul Rudd and Michael DouglasAnt-Man Paul Rudd

And we end on the Ant-man logo title card.

Ant-man logo title card

Notice anything we didn't? Let us know in the comments below.