Matthew Vaughn Thinks "People Have Had Enough" Of Christopher Nolan Superhero Films

One of the things I love about films by Matthew Vaughn is the sense of fun. In everything from Layer Cake to Stardust, X-Men First Class and especially Kick-Ass, Vaughn takes a film you think will be one way and spins it into something more. His latest, Kingsman: The Secret Service, looks to continue the trend. A spy film on the surface, it features superhuman feats of action, humor and violence that give it a distinctly unrealistic, comic book feel.

A "comic book feel" is not a phrase used to describe the Christopher Nolan Batman films. In fact, many think they're the best comic book movies ever specifically because they reject a "comic book" style. Each film is very rooted in reality, and that means they get pretty dark.

In a new interview, Vaughn takes aim at those films. He believes films like Guardians of the Galaxy prove that audiences are no longer interested in superhero films like the ones from Nolan. Do you believe him? Read the Matthew Vaughn Christopher Nolan quotes below.

Vaughn was speaking to SFX (via THR) when he said the following:

People want fun and escapism at the moment. Look at the success of Guardians of the Galaxy. I think Nolan kick-started a very dark, bleak style of superhero escapism, and I think people have had enough of it.

He then went on to talk about about his film is more escapism:

The studio was like, 'What is this — Austin Powers?' It was a balancing act, but I think we pulled it off. It's not a comedy, but it's full of laughs. It's got everything. It's what we did with Kick-Ass — it's a proper movie, but we're allowed to have a bit more fun with it. Its aim was to be entertaining but not silly.

Personally, I think Vaughn is generalizing a bit here. I believe fans are hungry for good movies no matter what the tone. Guardians of the Galaxy, as an example, was never going to be realistic. It features a talking raccoon in space. But if it had a more serious tone and was as good as it ended up being, it still would have been a hit. I think it just so happens that the current trend in comic book movies, thanks to Marvel, is more frivolous. If Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out and feels more Nolan than Gunn, but tells a compelling, interesting story, that'll be a hit too, tone be damned.

I also think saying all of Nolan's films aren't fun or escapist is incorrect as well. Sure he doesn't pack laughs into his movies, but you're telling me the Batmobile flying over rooftops isn't escapism? A school bus flipping over is realistic? He definitely leans darker and more realistic, but that other stuff is in there too.

Anyway, it's an interesting debate. Tells us your thoughts below.