Neill Blomkamp Teases Photos And Concept Art From 'Alien' Project That Never Was

Neill Blomkamp has already given us an alien movie, but it seems he could have also given us an Alien movie. The District 9 director posted some very interesting pictures from an Alien project he was working on at one point but has since left. The trove of images include illustrations of an older Ripley and a scarred-up Hicks, concept art of a Weyland-Yutani building, a photo of a xenomorph model, and much more. See all the Neill Blomkamp Alien material after the jump. 

The Neill Blomkamp Alien photos were accompanied by tweets from an unverified account.

Blomkamp doesn't say what the Alien project was, so it's possible it wasn't a movie but a video game or comic book or something else entirely. (He did spend time working with Sigourney Weaver, on Chappie, so perhaps they had conversations that led to these designs.)

Whatever it is, he doesn't seem to be working on it anymore. It's too bad — just think of all the fun Blomkamp could have had stomping around in this world.

While the Alien project — whatever it was — is kaput, Blomkamp does have a different movie opening this year. His Chappie, about a robot who gains sentience, opens March 6.