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Header Photo: Kessel Run Arcade t-shirt

Boy from Jurassic Park writes college acceptance essay

Box Office: 8 International Hits That Challenged the Studio Tentpoles

The 'Jurassic Park' inspired 'Dino Directory' by Anthony Petrie

The 'Jurassic Park' inspired 'Dino Directory' by Anthony Petrie

How "A Charlie Brown Christmas" became the "Dark Side of the Moon" of holiday favoritesPrincess Bride: An Adorable Little Kid Just Came Up With The Best Fan Theory EverGingerbread BBGingerbread BB15 Fast and Furious Facts About the 'Mad Max' TrilogyHere's what Back To The Future 2 got hilariously wrong about life in 2015THE 40 BEST CARTOON CHARACTERS OF ALL TIMETHE 40 BEST CARTOON CHARACTERS OF ALL TIMEKim Jong Il Had A Fan Club And They Really, Really Hated Team America

Simon Pegg Gave His Blessing For A Touring 'Shaun Of The Dead' Stage Show

Disney CEO Bob Iger and Steve Jobs built a lasting partnership


A telegram George Lucas sent to Spielberg wishing him good luck for Raiders of the Lost Ark on Oscar Night 1982.

'Parks and Recreation' cast explains the entire series in 30 seconds

The WarSting Hobbit Sword Glows Blue In The Presence Of Unsecured Wi-Fi [Video]

Double Oscar Winning Actress Luise Rainer Dies at 104

May The Force Be With Mew T-Shirt

May The Force Be With Mew T-Shirt

Richard Graydon Dead: Stuntman In 10 James Bond Films

Watch: Trailer For Short Film 'Everything & Everything & Everything' Starring Shane Carruth

'Star Wars' Named Fandango's Most-Anticipated Movie of 2015

1/6 DARTH VADER from Hot Toys (From "Star Wars Episode IV")

1/6 DARTH VADER from Hot Toys (From "Star Wars Episode IV")


Watch 'The Raiders Of The Lost Bark' Make Indiana Jones Far More Adorable

Netflix to help parents trick kids on New Year's Eve

Terminator 2 Judgment Day T-800 Endoskeleton 1:32 Scale Model KitTerminator 2 Judgment Day T-800 Endoskeleton 1:32 Scale Model Kit

'Selma' Director Responds to Criticisms of Lyndon B. Johnson Portrayal

This Gingerbread Smaug Doesn't Look So Terrible [Video]

Extant Is Dumping Most Of Its Cast, Get The DetailsLord of the Rings 'Delete, You Fools' T-Shirt

Lord of the Rings 'Delete, You Fools' T-Shirt

Topps Empire Strikes Back Illustrated Coming April 2015

The Hobbit Song – I Will Show You [GLOVER Dance Remix]

'Interstellar' Lands At California Science Center Imax

Star Wars ToysAn Incredible High-res Gallery Of All the Original Star Wars ToysHow Paramount is Using Wattpad to Explore 'Project Almanac's' Theme of Second Chances

'Glove and Boots' Puppets Are Merged Together After Experimenting With Teleportation Pods, Like in the Film 'The Fly'

Vudu's digital movie library is rebuilt and easier to use on iOS

ZZ368D4DD0Top 10 Title Sequences of 2014Roger Deakins looks back on 1997's 'Kundun,' his only Scorsese collaboration to date

My Year at the Movies: 2014

Jenna Coleman Signs Up for Another Season of 'Doctor Who'Gingerbread Star Destroyer

This Gingerbread Star Destroyer Will Bombard Your Tastebuds

The Most Entertaining Popcorn Movies of 2014

Watch: 9-Minute Tribute To The Films Of Jean-Pierre JeunetMeredith's Top 14 Movies Of 2014ZZ28265593

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Edgar Wright's Top 40 Favourite Songs Of 2014

Fly Hard – Die Hard/Rudolph Parody Trailer – Rankin/Bass Christmas Movie Mashup

I Think Die Hard Might be a Fairy TalDarth Vader, R2-D2 And Boba Fett Star Wars Steins

Darth Vader, R2-D2 And Boba Fett Star Wars Steins

10 Actors Who Will Be Huge Stars By The End Of 2015

The Empire is Coming to Town [Star Wars Parody Video]

Teletubbies' Sun Baby Is All Grown Up: Meet 19-Year-Old Jess SmithZZ35076C56

Yes, Anime Themed Cars Are Pretty Common In Japan

Once Upon A Time Graphic Novel Gets A Sequel – The Darkest Past


New Star Wars Children's Books to Reimagine the Original Trilogy in 2015

Labyrinth The Worm PlushLabyrinth The Worm Plush

DirecTV launches internet TV for $8 per month, but it's all in Spanish

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