LOL: 5-Year-Old Girl Talks Slave Leia Costume With Her Father

One of the most obvious moments you've reached adulthood is when you start talking about kids. Whether someone has kids, they're thinking about kids, or whatever else, that's the moment. The thought opens up a huge pandora's box of other issues too, least important of which is how do you show your kids the Star Wars Saga. The order in which you choose to show you kids the Star Wars movies is a debate regularly had amongst film fans but we always forget one thing. We never consider how the kids feel. It's just a foregone conclusion that they're going to like them.

A new video has surface that's proof positive they do like them, but maybe have a few questions. One father recorded the conversation he had with his five-year-old daughter about Princess Leia's Slave outfit in Return of the Jedi and the results are priceless, especially when animated. Check out the father daughter Slave Leia video below.

Thanks to Adam Buxton (via Sploid) for this great Slave Leia video.

What I love most about this clip – besides the obvious funny and cute nature of it – is how it perfectly illustrates the way a generation gap can change how you view a movie. When you were a kid, you probably didn't think anything of the Slave Leia outfit. Either it was just another outfit, or maybe you found it provocative, but most kids in the Eighties didn't think it was offensive at all. Fast-forward a few years and you can totally see how it objectifies not only the character, but an entire gender. Here Buxton tries to explain that to his daughter but she flat out rejects it, instead sticking to her belief that it's just a good looking piece of fashion. It's just a wonderful little moment.

The animation to the video was done by The Brothers McLeod. Fine work all around.