'Marvel Vs DC' Movie Trailer: Watch The Epic Superhero Mashup We'll Never See

Fans can debate for hours on end whether or not Spider-man will crossover with The Avengers, X-Men with the Fantastic Four or any number of other combinations. One we know for a fact we are never going to see is Marvel and DC: Batman fighting Wolverine. Superman battling Iron Man. The Joker teaming with Loki. It's just never going to happen. They're two different companies operating in two different places and huge rivals

But, thanks to the magic of the Internet, fans can mash the two together and come up with something wonderful. Like this awesome little trailer by YouTube user Alex Luthor. Check out his Marvel vs DC movie trailer below.

Thanks to Alex Luthor for this super cool Marvel vs DC movie trailer.

Marvel vs DC Movie Trailer by Alex Luthor

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