What Was President Obama's Favorite Movie Of 2014?

As President of the United States, Barack Obama has enough on his plate without trying to keep up with the latest films. Nevertheless, he makes time for a movie night now and then. As the year draws to a close, he's revealed his favorite movie of 2014.

Hit the jump to find out what the President Obama favorite movie is. 

For much of his presidency, Obama has faced a large swath of Americans who disagree with him on all sorts of matters. However, his pick for his favorite opinion of the year is bound to be much less controversial: It's Boyhood, which has already topped a bunch of critics' best-of lists and won several awards and is likely to do much more of both over the next three months.

"Boyhood was a great movie. That, I think, was my favorite movie this year," Obama told People (via The Dissolve). It's not the deepest analysis of the Richard Linklater drama, but he's got a country to run. Reviewing Boyhood is our job, not his.

Obama's affection for Boyhood seems to be reciprocated, more or less. In one scene, Mason (Ellar Coltrane), Samantha (Lorelai Linklater), and their dad (Ethan Hawke) are shown planting lawn signs in bright-red Texas for Obama's 2008 campaign.

The president has generally demonstrated pretty good (or at least pretty Internet-friendly) taste in pop culture. He's previously spoken about his love for shows like The Wire, Breaking Bad, and Homeland. He loves House of Cards so much the White House staff issued a tweet pleading America not to spoil it for him.

Meanwhile, First Lady Michelle Obama seemed slightly less impressed with this year's theatrical offerings. "I've read others [since, but] I read Gone Girl a couple summers ago, which is one of my favorites. The book is much better than the movie," she said.