LOL: 'Transformers' Villain Megatron Berates Theme Park Guest For Taking A Selfie

Transformers villains Megatron doesn't have much love for humans in general, but he hates humans who take selfies most of all. When a theme park guest tried to get a selfie with the Decepticon leader, he ripped into her "ridiculous furred hoodie" and grumbled about "how disappointing" Millennials were.

Of course, his tactic proved completely counterproductive as it resulted in the best selfie ever for the highly amused guest. Watch the Megatron selfie video after the jump. 


Word of advice, Megatron: If you want to discourage selfies, giving a guest one that's guaranteed to go viral probably isn't the best way to do it. That's just going to encourage more young people to try and capture their own "Megatron hates selfies" moment, you know? But if it makes you feel better, you did get her to "interact" with the world and make a new memory — specifically, of the time an evil alien robot yelled at her for taking a selfie.