Watch How Michael Bay Edits A Movie: 'Transformers 4' Post-Production To Premiere

Post-production is frequently a total mystery to fans. Once is film is finished, sometimes a studio will release concept art or set photos showing us pre-production. We see the actual production on the screen and in lots of behind the scenes featurettes. But once filming is done, you'd think the movie was magically willed into existence with special effects, music and sound, all perfectly timed to specially selected shots.

Of course, that's not the case. Post-production frequently takes much longer than either of the other two thirds of production, and is really where the film is found. You just don't see the process because it all takes place behind closed doors. So it's a rare treat anytime we get a glimpse at the post-production process on any movie. It's especially exciting when we get the see how a big name filmmaker does it.

Which leads us to this awesome new video called "Transformers 4: The Final Touches." In it, we see Michael Bay himself working with his editing team on the finishing touches of Transformers: Age of Extinction all the way up through the film's premiere. Check out the Michael Bay Transformers 4 editing video below.

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Michael Bay Transformers 4 Editing

Transformers 4: The Final Touches from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

As much as I was not a fan of Transformers: Age of Extinction, you have to admire the sheer volume of work that went into it. Months and months of preparation, set construction, location scouting, actual shooting, then the visual effects, editing, sound, music and finally marketing and distribution. Obviously, every single movie goes through the same thing but a Michael Bay movie just seems to make it all bigger. Bigger shoots, bigger practical effects, bigger promotion and bigger premieres, which you get to see a bit of in this video.

And guess what? No matter what people think after they see the movie, they all see the movie. Age of Extinction grossed over a billion worldwide and set the stage for another sequel.

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