/Film's Ultimate 2014 Film Geek Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to /Film's Ultimate 2014 Film Geek Holiday Gift Guide. We hope we can help you find gifts for your pop culture-loving loved ones and friends (or, maybe even yourself).

This guide includes a ton of cool gifts, including a wide range of books, graphic novels, toys, collectibles, music, movies, games, art and other fun gifts, the majority of which were released this year. I've also tried to include a wide range of prices, from small stocking stuffers to blu-ray box sets to huge expensive collectibles for most of us to drool over. Everything included in the guide is something I either recommend, have been recommended by trusted friends, colleagues and readers, or something that just looks damn cool.

We published the list in parts over Thanksgiving list, but since a lot of people were on vacation and just starting their Holiday shopping, I thought now would be a good time to post the guide in full. Hit the jump to find all the different sections of our Holiday Gift Guide.

/Film's Ultimate Film Geek Holiday Gift Guide 2014:

  • Books and Novels: The best pop culture books of 2014.
  • Graphic Novels: The best DC, Marvel and independent graphic novels and trade paperbacks released over the last couple years.
  • Collectibles, Toys and Games: Awesome collectibles, toys and board games for film geeks.
  • Blu-rays: DVD/Blu-ray box sets that would make great gifts this year.
  • Movie Art Screenprints: The best available movie screenprints ready to hang.
  • Music: The best film scores and vinyl collectible releases of 2014.
  • Wearables: The best movie related t-shirts, socks, dresses and more.
  • Miscellaneous Fun Movie/TV Gifts: Anything that doesn't fit into the above categories lives here. Stocking Stuffers? We got it. Kitchenware? Yup. Custom your friend in Carbonite statue? That too!
  • Thanks for reading our Holiday Gift Guide. I spent a lot of time curating this list and am very grateful you are checking it out and hopefully find it useful! If you're feeling extra generous this Holiday season, you can send me a gift off of my Amazon Holiday Wishlist. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!