Watch Christopher Nolan On The Colbert Report: "I Have Blown Up A Lot Of S*** In A Lot Of Movies"

This week filmmaker Christopher Nolan appeared on The Colbert Report. I wanted to spotlight this interview because Christopher Nolan usually doesn't do fun talk shows like Colbert, and Stephen gets the almost-always-serious Nolan to swear and talk on a more down to earth level. I know that Nolan is very picky about which outlets he does interviews with (rumor has it he hates online blogs, which is why you almost never see him talk 1:1 with anything but print and television press) so for him to accept an interview with Stephen Colbert likely means he's watched the show (he tells Colbert he's also a big fan of his in the quick intro). My favorite moment comes when Colbert takes Nolan to task for making him think in a big blockbuster space epic, asking "Guardians of the Galaxy didn't make me do that... why do you want to make me think? Why can't you have s*** just blow up?" Watch the full Christopher Nolan Colbert Report Interview embedded after the jump.

Christopher Nolan Colbert Report Interview

The following Stephen Colbert interview with Christopher Nolan on The Colbert Report aired on December 3rd 2014 on Comedy Central.