Star Wars Bits: 'Force Awakens' Records, Speculation, Plus New Rumors And Spoilers

The Star Wars world is still buzzing about the Force Awakens trailer, and there are lots of tidbits about it below along with some massive potential spoilers. Below, read about the following.

  • The Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is on pace to be the most viewed in Internet history.
  • Fans and celebrities alike react to and freak out over the Force Awakens trailer
  • See more Force Awakens fan art.
  • What does the Millennium Falcon shot in The Force Awakens look like when it is stabilized?
  • Read a super-detailed article about the new Ball Droid in The Force Awakens.
  • How do toy collectors see the Force Awakens trailer?
  • What is Andy Serkis' role in The Force Awakens?
  • Star Wars Rebels is a hit for Disney XD.
  • A mother load of likely false Force Awakens plot details were released.
  • With all the hype and speculation, this isn't a big surprise, but it seems the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is on its way to being the most viewed trailer in the history of the internet. On YouTube alone, it had 60 million views in the first four days. That doesn't count Apple, Facebook (which was another 15 million or so) and other places it popped up. The Hollywood Reporter and The Wrap have more info.

    On that note, were you one of those people who taped themselves watching the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer? If so, maybe you made it into this video by Blake Dale.

    Or, if you're a celebrity and tweeted about it, CNET probably grabbed it. Or Movieweb. Some awesome reactions from great people here.

    There's been a lot of more cool Force Awakens fan art since our post from a few days back. Here are a few examples by Laz Marquez and Robert Shane.

    That final shot in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is amazing, but what would it look like if it was a little more stabilized? Super Punch found a few gifs that do just that. Here's one.

    Millennium Falcon stabilized

    That's a great take on a shot in the Force Awakens trailer, and here's another. Jalopnik has some insanely detailed discussion of the as yet-unnamed ball droid in the film. It talks development and logistics, lots of crazy interesting stuff.

    If you're a toy collector, the Force Awakens trailer meant something different. ToysRevil found a funny meme that plays around with this, click below to see the full thing.

    SW Toy Trailer

    By now you know that Andy Serkis is the voice in the Force Awakens trailer. Well, JediNews has heard that character – whatever it is – might not be his only role. They believe the actor could be playing two roles. The important one overheard in the trailer as well as a performance capture one. Head there for more details.

    How about a quick Star Wars Rebels mention? According to Zap2It, the show has helped Disney XD to its most successful month in its history.

    Last, but certainly not least, a user on 4Chan popped up several times over the past week claiming to know everything about The Force Awakens. Everything we've heard about what he's written is that it's false. But there are nuggets of truth in there and, if you are enjoying spoiler discussion, it's a fascinating read. True or false, there's some really fun guess work in there. Reddit put everything together so head to that link to start down the rabbit hole. Be aware though, major major spoilers potentially.