VOTD: Revisit The Movies And Trailers Of 2014 In Two Impressive Montages

It's that time again: the year-end movie montages are here. In the next six weeks we'll probably see quite a few examples of people cutting together reels of their favorite film footage from the past twelve months, but two early entries in the 2014 movies supercut race are already available. One is a great edit of footage from 25 of the year's best films, while the other is a long cut that samples from a couple hundred movie trailers.

First up, let's have a look at David Ehlich's nicely-cut look back at the year in film. The Little White Lies contributor and new Associate Film Editor at Time Out New York cuts together a montage of what he considers to be the 25 best films of each year, and the 2014 edit has just arrived.

And then, for the completist who doesn't have much time to spare, there's the supercut of one shot from each of almost 200 movie trailers released this year.

That comes from Louis "The Sleepy Skunk" Plamondon, who also does this sort of edit each year. His YouTube page is the source of this cut of 197 movie trailers from 2014. The full list of films featured in the video is available at his Tumblr.