'Selfie' Unaired Episodes Headed To Hulu

Selfie made its debut on good old-fashioned broadcast TV this fall, but it'll finish up on the Internet. The ABC comedy has just found a new home at Hulu, following its cancellation earlier this month.Karen Gillan and Henry Cho lead the series, billed as a modern-day telling of My Fair Lady — self-obsessed Eliza recruits prim co-worker Henry to "fix" her public image. Emily Kapnek (Suburgatory) created the series. More details on the Selfie unaired episodes after the jump.

Selfie had aired 7 out of 13 episodes when ABC pulled the plug on November 13. The remaining installments will hit Hulu one at a time on Tuesdays, the same day Selfie used to air on ABC. That starts with tonight's episode, titled "Traumatic Party Stress Disorder."

Along with superheroes and unnecessary voiceovers, romantic comedies were one of the big trends of the 2014-2015 TV season. Sadly for Selfie, it turned out that the cancellation of romantic comedies was the next big trend. Selfie's Tuesday night partner Manhattan Love Story was the first new show to get cancelled this season. Then NBC decided it didn't want more of A to Z. Selfie wound up on the chopping block not long after.

The cancellation of Selfie wasn't terribly surprising. The show opened weak in September and then kept dropping in the ratings. It was, however, very disappointing, because the show had only just begun to find its footing creatively. But whereas in the past, a cancelled show might never be heard from again, we live in the Internet era, where it's no longer uncommon for low-rated but well-liked properties to find new life on streaming services like Netflix or Yahoo.

Selfie may be saddled with the most head-scratchingly stupid name since Cougar Town – also formerly an ABC property, before TBS picked it up. But also like Cougar Town, it's much better than that title would suggest. Gillan and Cho had wonderful chemistry as two co-workers who become friends in spite of themselves, and the supporting cast (including David Harewood, Samm Levine, and Brian Huskey) was starting to come into clearer focus.

If the good buzz had you curious before it got cancelled, now's the time to check it out. If you were already on board, now's the time to start the "save this show" campaign. There's no word yet on whether Hulu might consider additional seasons of Selfie, but it doesn't seem out of the question considering Hulu has been looking to ramp up its original programming offerings.