Must Watch: The Greatest 'Back To The Future' Screening Of All "Time"

Outdoor movie screenings are so much fun. They're not usually the ideal place to first see a movie, of course, but as a communal experience, where everyone knows the movie, it's the best. Secret Cinema, however, is so much more than an outdoor screening series. It's an outdoor screening coupled with a live performance and theme park experience where you not only watch the movie, you can live it.

Don't know what we mean? A new video showing this past summer's Back to the Future Secret Cinema event puts it into perspective. The organization not only rebuilt the town of Hill Valley; they have actors walking around, a beautiful big screening, and people performing the movie, under the movie, while you watch the movie. Check out a video of the greatest Back to the Future screening of all time below.

Thanks to Future Shorts for this new video of the Back to the Future Secret Cinema event.

Just so amazing. And, as we reported a few months back, the company is bringing this happening to Los Angeles at some point in 2015. You can see a bunch of their previous events at but it's pretty obvious this Back to the Future one is the biggest yet.

Now, I know some people reading this are going to watch that video and get upset. "The last thing I want to do when watching a movie is have all those distractions." Well, I think in this case, if you haven't seen Back to the Future so much you can quote it from memory, it's probably not worth going to. This is all about the inside jokes, living in the movie and seeing people perform the stunts in the movie. The movie screening is the basically the least important thing. As a fan, I watch this video and get excited by the details. The sparks on the skateboard. The timing of the actor's reactions. It's all so perfect.

What do you think of the Back to the Future video?