Watch How 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Should Have Ended

Complete with the James Gunn seal of approval, the How It Should Have Ended crew has taken on Guardians of the Galaxy.

It's a good thing Gunn liked it, too, because the video points out several instances in the film where things could have logically gone a very different way. The result is one of the longest How It Should Have Ended videos yet, but one with tons of jokes and references. Those are aimed not only at the film, but at the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe and other comic book series. There are even some cameos from characters from Star Wars, Harry Potter and more.

It's a hilarious, clever, and well made video that's worth checking out. Below, watch how Guardians of the Galaxy should have ended.

Here's the video courtesy of the HISHE team. And also, watch through the credits for a final tag:

How Guardians of the Galaxy Should Have Ended

What I love about these videos is it takes things other similar videos would call "Plot Holes" or "Mistakes" and simply pokes fun at them. Sure, it would have made more logical sense for the guards on the Kyln to all shoot the windows at the same time. Or for Ronan to immediately put his hammer into the ground. Or for Rocket to not allow the Collector's slave to touch the Infinity stone. But if any of those things happen, there's no movie. That's not a mistake. It's just storytelling. You can change any story for it to make more sense, but then what's the fun?

In the end though, another great job by the How It Should Have Ended team, though I could have done with about 5 seconds less of the Batman Groot stuff. It's funny and all, in addition to being a nice in joke to fans of the series, but it's still a bit much.

What did you think of How Guardians of the Galaxy Should Have Ended?