WTF: 70% Of Moviegoers Don't Plan On A Specific Movie When Going To The Movie Theater

How much do we really know about people who go to the movies? Apparently, not much. Sure there are a small group of people who read movie blogs, go at least once a week and feel an obligation to see as many movies as possible. But that's a very, very small percentage and though we might think we know everything, a new study by Google proves we do not.

A new Google moviegoing infographic states that almost 70% of film goers don't know what movie they're going to see when they go to the theater. Often, they let the most convenient time make the decision. Others base the decision solely on the star. Also, 40% of people say a film's trailer is the deciding factor in going to see a movie. Only 8% said it was a friend's recommendation.

Check out a new infographic packed with facts about how people go to the movies below.

Here's the Google moviegoing infographic, co-created by Google and Millward Brown Digital.

Google Moviegoing Infographic

Do you really think horror fans are most influenced by convenient showtimes? Can our preferences and personalities actually be so wrapped up in genre? Maybe it is for the more casual movie fan. But it seems like the infographic breaks down into a very stereotypical view of who goes to the movies. People who watch dramas like other movies, people who see kids movies read comic books, etc. I guess that's what happens in a general survey like this though. It becomes a law of averages.

Still, I can't imagine going to the movies and not knowing what I want to see. I guess that's just the difference from someone who eats, lives and breaths movies as opposed to someone who treats the theater like a restaurant or bowling alley, a place for casual fun, but nothing more than that.

What do you find most surprising about this infographic?