Read An 'Interstellar' Comic Book Prequel Written By Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan has some more Interstellar goodness coming our way. No, it's not a sequel — it's an Interstellar comic book about Dr. Mann, the astronaut who sets out on a "Lazarus mission" long before Matthew McConaughey's Cooper ever sets out into space. Get a look at the Interstellar comic after the jump. (But be warned there are massive spoilers for Interstellar ahead.)

If you recall, Dr. Mann is one of the astronauts who went on a "Lazarus mission" to find a new home for humanity. Brand (Anne Hathaway) and others speak of him as a great, brave hero, but once they actually meet him the the truth turns out to be far more complicated.

Mann's transmissions convince Cooper and the rest of the Endurance team to follow him there, in hopes of finding a habitable planet. Instead, they discover an icy planet not suitable for human life, and Mann reveals to Cooper that he faked the data so the Endurance would come rescue him.

The reveal of Mann's evil side is one of the big surprises in the film, so it's nice to get a little backstory on it. Nolan's new comic takes place before the events of Interstellar, and details the moment Mann crossed over into the dark side. As THR notes, the Interstellar comic is an unusual move for Nolan as he doesn't even tend to release deleted scenes for his movies.

"Absolute Zero" was illustrated by Sean Gordon Murphy, with Matt Hollingsworth as colorist and Tana Ford as letterer. Get a little preview below, and then read the whole thing at Wired. The Nolan-edited issue of Wired hits newsstands November 25.

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