Watch: Modernized 'Empire Strikes Back' Trailer Is Awesome

With the world waiting for a new Star Wars trailer, it's fun to look back at the trailers of old. Fans have taken to looking at the release patterns and revelations of some of the first six films to try and figure out when and what we might see in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What they've found is most of the earliest Star Wars trailers show a good amount of tantalizing footage, but don't really reveal much. That's decidedly against what modern Hollywood does.

These days, Hollywood shows everything they've got in their biggest trailer, hoping to coax people into the theater. Trailers sell something epic and incredible and very rarely do they deliver. But what would have happened if you were sitting in a theater in 1979 and saw a 2014-style trailer to the sequel to Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back? It would have spoiled a lot, but also lived up to expectations.

One YouTube user cut an Empire Strikes Back modern trailer, and it's pretty great. Check out the trailer below.

Thanks to Cameron Arrigioni (via Newsarama).

The Empire Strikes Back modern trailer

That's Michael Giacchino's score to Star Trek, by the way, a nice nod to the new J.J. Abrams-ness of the saga. Also, it's too bad the editors decided to credit George Lucas for the film, rather than the real director, Irvin Kershner. Sure, any of the first six Star Wars movies might really be George Lucas films, but give Kershner some credit.

Nevertheless, as exciting as that trailer edit is, the only big moment it doesn't give away in some way is the Darth Vader reveal. You see the Hoth battle, you see Yoda, you see Han going into Carbonite, Cloud City, "There is another," just crazy spoilers all throughout. The question is if you didn't know what happens in that movie, would they still be spoilers? A few of them, but not all, and that's what modern Hollywood does. They spoil things without you knowing it. Watch a trailer for any new movie you see after you see the movie and marvel at all the spoilers.

What did you think of the modern Empire Strikes Back trailer?