Check It Out: Massive 'Game Of Thrones' Family Tree Tracks Every House

Even if you're paying close attention, it can be very difficult to keep track of who's who in Game of Thrones. There are a lot of characters, first of all. Some of them with very similar names. And then there's the task of sorting out the various relationships between the characters. Who's married to whom? Who's that guy's mom? Are those two siblings or lovers?

Well, fear not. A new Game of Thrones family tree lays out the interconnected lineages of nearly everyone we've met in Westeros. It's a pretty daunting task considering we've met dozens in the show, and several dozens more in the A Song of Ice and Fire books. Hit the jump to see the Game of Thrones family tree.

Game of Thrones family tree

To be honest, I don't know how much this family tree will really help if you're struggling to remember the basics of Westerosi history. That's not a knock on the chart itself, which is impressively thorough; it's just a dizzying amount of information no matter how it's presented. Plus, this family tree only really accounts for marriages, births, and deaths. It won't explain how the Tyrells and the Martells feel about each other or why the Baratheons went to war with each other over the Iron Throne.

Perhaps most controversially (well — controversially if you're the kind of ASOIAF diehard who cares about these things, which you probably are since you've read this far) El-Daddy takes certain assumptions and theories as fact, including the very popular one fans refer to as "R+L=J." It's a bold move, considering how much Martin seems to revel in pulling the rug out from under his readers' feet.

For a detailed explanation of how this Game of Thrones family tree came together, click over to El-Daddy's original post.