Does James Gunn Have Regrets About 'Guardians Of The Galaxy?'

Over $330 million in domestic box office. Another $440 million internationally. A green lit sequel. You'd think everything about Guardians of the Galaxy was perfect in the mind of co-writer and director James Gunn. For the most part, that's true.

Audiences truly embraced this crazy, flawed cast of characters as well as the delicate tonal balance he created for the film. Still, now that the movie is out and part of popular culture, there are two small little regrets he has about the film. One involves a cut line of dialogue, the other involves an Easter Egg in the Collector's collection. Below, read more about Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy problems.


First up, Gunn regrets putting a cocoon in The Collector's collection that looks exactly like Adam Warlock's. He said the following in a press conference promoting the upcoming Blu-ray:

Yeah, there's a cocoon that's exactly like Adam Warlock's cocoon. I wasn't really thinking that much when I put that in. That was my idea to put that in there. They're like, 'What should we put in?' So I went in through the Marvel handbook and just picked cool things that looked neat to put into the boxes. It looked like Adam's Warlock cocoon, so now everyone thinks he's out of there and you know... I don't know.

There's a lot of stuff in there and there's also a lot of things that people think they see that I don't think is in there – unless the visual effects guys were pulling tricks on me... which they could have!

Now, why does he feel like that? Probably because it potentially backs him into a corner in regards to the Marvel Cosmic Universe, if in fact they eventually decide to use the character. To be fair though, the film itself doesn't explicitly reference the coccon so they could just ignore it, and introduce Warlock however they like.

drax guardians of the galaxy

The second regret has to do with a dialogue scene when the Guardians arrive on Knowhere. They arrive on the planet and Peter Quill says he comes from a planet of outlaws. Drax said he'd like to visit sometime and Quill replies, "You should!" That may sound like a tease to upcoming films but, that wasn't the original intention of the scene. Here's what Gunn told /Film about it:

It was there as a fun line and it's actually my only regret is cutting a line from that scene.  The original scene is what's in there now. So he says, "I come from a planet of outlaws, Billy the Kid, John Stamos" and Drax says, "Sounds like a place which I would like to visit." And Peter says, "You should." And then Drax says, "And kill many people there." And, I don't know, somebody thought it was too mean. Like Drax was too murderous or something. But at the end of the day, I think I really wish the line was still in there. That's my own true regret.

Gunn didn't say specifically why he regrets it, but when confronted with the reason maybe being it sounds like an Avengers: Infinity War tease, he said:

I don't think that's necessarily the case. People seem to have a lot of ideas about what they think is going to happen and not know.

Do you think the idea of Warlock's cocoon being in the film is bad? What about that one, small, crucial line of dialogue?