How Many Steven Seagal Movie Posters Don't Feature Him Holding A Gun?

1990's action star Steven Seagal has appeared in 43 movies. How many of those movies have a poster that doesn't feature Steven Seagal holding a gun? Reddit user nathanmcc1 attempted to solve this age old question and the answer may shock you. Hit the jump to see the Steven Seagal gun posters for yourself.

Steven Seagal Gun Posters

The following image comes from Reddit user NathanMCC1:


So of the 43 movies Steven Seagal has starred in, the only movies which feature posters without Steven Seagal brandishing a gun are the following:

  • Against The Dark: Steven Seagal instead has a sword
  • Exit Wounds: His face is featured in the silhouette of a gun.
  • Clementine: In the film Seagal has a 10-minute role as "cage fight champion" Jack Miller, no guns involved.
  • Fire Down Below: The reddit yser was mistaken, one of the Fire Down Below posters featured a close-up of Seagal with a gun in hand as seen below:
  • fire down below poster