'Iron Sky The Coming Race' Trailers: Zombie Jesus Goes Scarface And Adolf Hitler On A T-Rex

Update: A new promo teaser has been released for the Iron Sky sequel, Iron Sky: The Coming Race. While the first Iron Sky The Coming Race trailer showed Adolf Hitler riding a T-Rex, the new promo teaser shows a zombie jesus breaking free from the cross and going on a machine gun rampage. Seems like the filmmakers behind Iron Sky are selling the movie on fun ridiculous politically incorrect imagery not for the easily offend-able,  and I'm fine with that. Watch both clips after the jump.

Iron Sky The Coming Race Trailer - Zombie Jesus

The original story from November 7th 2014 follows:Iron Sky The Coming Race Trailer

I have to admit that the trailer for Iron Sky got me excited, but for some reason or another I have never actually seen the film. The concept looked so ridiculously fun and pulpy, with the Nazis setting up a secret base on the dark side of the moon in 1945 where they hide out and built a space fleet to return in 2018 and conquer Earth. But it doesn't seem like I missed much as the 2012 Finnish-Australian-German film was not liked by both critics and moviegoers alike (6.0 user rating on IMDb and 36% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes). But the film was an international cult hit, spawning a comic book prequel (Iron Sky: Bad Moon Rising), a video game (Iron Sky: Invasion), a board game (Iron Sky: The Board Game), and a feature film sequel, Iron Sky: The Coming Race.

And now like the original film, the filmmakers have released the Iron Sky The Coming Race trailer, a promo trailer for a film which doesn't yet exist. The sequel is hoping to film in 2015 with a budget of $15 million (about $5 million more than the first film) and the project is currently on Indiegogo trying to raise the $500,000 they need for pre-production. So you can now "make history" and pre-buy the 2016 movie now and help it get made.

The Iron Sky: The Coming Race trailer promises that "Nazis on the moon was just scraping the surface" and "the ugly truth about mankind is about to be revealed". What could this truth world be?  Set twenty years after World War III, the survivors must fight against Adolf Hitler & his army of dinosaurs. Thats right, Hitler rides his own Tyrannosaurus Rex into battle in the new film. Watch the Iron Sky The Coming Race trailer below.

Iron Sky The Coming Race Trailer - Hitler T-Rex

Just like the original Iron Sky trailer, I'm impressed with the visual effects and insane concept of this independently funded science fiction film. I feel like this is the sort of thing that crowdfunding was made for — insane independent projects that otherwise would not get made in the standard Hollywood or international film system. And sure, this is the type of pulpy concept that The Asylum does on a regular basis, but somehow these guys are able to create a more polished film with good effects.

Iron Sky The Coming Race