Star Wars Bits: Episode VII Luke Skywalker; Plus Abu Dhabi Rumors And Kira Outfits

Today's Star Wars Bits is short, but sweet and loaded with potential spoilers. If they're true. Some very intriguing rumors have surfaced including:

  • Learn more about the role of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Read a possible description of a key droid in Episode VII.
  • We may have an idea of the sequence of events shot in Abu Dhabi.
  • Two potential outfits for Daisy Ridley's character are described.
  • Reminder. These are all unconfirmed rumors and hearsay but, if even partially true, it could all be considered spoilers. Beware.

    Making Star Wars believes they've finally gotten to the bottom of Luke Skywalker's role in Star Wars Episode VII. According to their findings, between films, Luke has become the most powerful Jedi ever. So powerful in fact, he's scared of what he can do. It's that power and that potential to turn to the dark side that makes him go into hiding. He hasn't been captured but he will play a major role.

    Now, there's more to it of course and you can read it at the link but that's a pretty plausible twist on the rumors we'd been hearing for several months.

    A few more potential images from the film have been described by Making Star Wars too. The first is of a droid that's described as sort of a mix of R2-D2 and a Pit Droid. It runs on a gyroscope with a single black lens for the eyes. What role does this droid play? It may be the property of Kira, played by Daisy Ridley. Read many more possible details at this link.

    The site also believes they've put together the puzzle of the film's first act or so. They went through and found photos from the Abu Dhabi shoot, cross sectioned it with what we've learned since, and things seem to match up. Crash in the desert, a rescue, maybe even a Stormtrooper. Also, John Boyega's outfit in the scene may have been leaked. Read more about the chain of events here.

    Speaking of outfits, the site may have seen a few outfits worn by Kira in the film. The first is described as a white almost ninja suit with a hood, black goggles and a DL-44 blaster. Kind of a mix of Han Solo with Padme from the end of Attack of the Clones. Read more here. The second has a more mechanical feel. It's likely set in the rumored home she inhabits, a fallen Imperial Walker. She's got a helmet, goggles and is working on something. Read more here.

    And again, we don't know if any of this is actually real but it sounds very plausible.