LOL: A Mom Explains Christopher Nolan's 'Inception'

In the four years since Inception has come out, we've seen roughly a half a million infographics and perhaps another half a million thinkpieces attempting to explain Inception. Still, you've probably never seen it broken down and analyzed quite like this.

Filmmaker Joe Nicolosi got his mom to watch the sci-fi mind-bender and then tell him "what she thought happened, and who she thought it happened to." He then illustrated her version of the story for the rest of us to enjoy. What do Matt Damon, the NSA, and a mole have to do with the plot of Inception? Watch Inception Retold By Mom after the jump to find out.

What Nicolosi's mom's summary lacks in accuracy, it more than makes up for in adorable mom-ishness. This is probably exactly how my mom would explain Inception, too. Christopher Nolan's film isn't terribly difficult to follow if you're paying attention, but I guess it's a different story if you find it "so tedious" you need to walk around, check your phone, and take some breaks.

The best part is how Nicolosi's mom never quite figures out that it's Leonardo DiCaprio, not Matt Damon, who plays the lead, even after correctly identifying DiCaprio as the guy from Titanic. She actually says at one point that Inception "wouldn't have been the same" if DiCaprio had starred. I can't wait to see what she makes of Nolan's Interstellar in a few years.

Nicolosi's mom previously retold The Matrix, which she didn't seem to like any better. (Her version involves a guy on a computer named either Moshimo or Mustache, and the question of whether Neo is gay, straight, or bi.) Nicolosi's other famous Internet videos include the Super Mario Bros.: The Indie Film trailer and HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Film.

Revisit The Matrix Retold By Mom below.