'Archer' Season 6 Teaser: Everyone Gets Back To Work

The agents of ISIS return to FX in January, though they won't be working for an outfit called ISIS any longer. Archer has had a bit of a story change in reaction to real-world events, and the name of Mallory Archer's spy outfit ISIS has been ditched. The end of Season 5 will clue you in to how the change will be incorporated, but we won't reveal that here, for those who aren't caught up. Then again, the first Archer Season 6 teaser will show some other things that result from the end of Season 5, so maybe you'll just have to accept the spoilers.

EW has the trailer.

This is clearly a return to form, more or less, from the fifth season's "Archer Vice" side journey. There will probably be more misdeeds than could fit into an entire series run of another spy show, but expect to see most of them being under the cover of espionage, rather than cocaine smuggling and/or country music stardom.

And it's good to see that Krieger's been working on his drumming, though 'Black Betty' isn't exactly the toughest tune to play. I want to see him bash out Rush's 'La Villa Strangiato,' or at least 'YYZ.' Then I'll know he's really been working on his chops.