Watch Sofia Coppola's Adorable Gap Holiday Campaign

I know, I know: Halloween is way too early for Christmas marketing. But these charming Gap spots directed by Sofia Coppola don't beat you over the head with their Christmas-iness. If anything, the unifying theme really seems to be "sweaters," and that's something we can get behind in these chilly fall days. Besides, you can think of them as a sort of appetizer for Coppola's other upcoming holiday project, a TV special with Bill Murray.

Watch the Sofia Coppola Gap ads after the jump.

The tagline for Coppola's Gap holiday commercials is "You don't have to get them to give them Gap," so all of these ads tell a little story about embracing quirks and awkward moments. Because isn't that what the holidays are about, really? Spending days cooped up in a house with people you love but don't quite understand?

Can't you just imagine Bill Murray killing a lip-sync version of "Cry" by Johnnie Ray, like in the first ad up top?

It's usually luxury brands that hire big-name directors for their ad campaigns. Everyone from Wes Anderson to Martin Scorsese has done a high-end perfume ad, for example. But Gap certainly seems to have an appreciation for fine filmmakers. Their fall campaign was directed by David Fincher in between shooting Gone Girl and releasing Gone Girl. Fincher's spots were basically the opposite of Coppola's — cool, dark, mysterious, and devoid of color.

The Coppola ads look like a fun take on Gap's overarching "Dress Normal" campaign. Gap, it seems, is so normal it brings everyone together, from pinball-playing rebels to pint-sized hams. "Our aim was to create a campaign that would be very warm, very honest and very Gap," says Gap CMO Seth Farbman. "And even if you don't always get your family, our message this season is that it's easy to give them Gap."