Who Is The Mystery Woman In The 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Trailer?

Earlier this week, Marvel Studios released an extended Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer that opens with a get-together at the Avengers Tower. All our heroes are there – Tony, Steve, Thor, Bruce, Clint, Natasha, Maria, Rhodey. But if you were watching closely, you might have noticed one more party guest who can't be easily identified. We can see her body, but never get a good look at her face.

So who is this mystery woman? Could it be Jane? Darcy? Sif? Pepper with a fresh dye job? Or might it be another character we haven't met yet? Find out who the Avengers Age of Ultron mystery woman is after the jump.

First, here's the clip. Our mystery woman shows up a couple of times. The back of her head appears in the foreground to the right at the 0:48 mark and she's sitting far right at the 0:51 mark.

In this version of the trailer, you can spot her at the 0:37 mark. Third person from the right, standing next to Thor.

Did you catch her?

Well, Yahoo has now confirmed that the Avengers Age of Ultron mystery woman is in fact Claudia Kim, also known as Kim Soo-hyun, a South Korean actress who was added to the cast in January. Here's a photo of her hanging with director Joss Whedon on set.

But the mystery isn't quite over. Details on Kim's role in the movie are being kept under wraps, though Marvel has confirmed she'll have a "substantial supporting role." Additionally, the actress let slip in March she'd be playing "a doctor/scientist who is friends with Tony Stark."

The most popular theory right now is that she's playing Suzi Endo, a Stark Industries researcher from the Cybernetics division. But for all we know she could be playing an entirely new character created just for the film. Whoever she is, one thing's for sure — she's got excellent taste in drinking buddies.

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens May 1, 2015.