Mitch Hurwitz Cutting A Chronological Version Of 'Arrested Development' Season 4

At this moment, Arrested Development is pretty much in arrested development. The fourth season has been out there for well over a year, a fifth season is planned but not yet moving forward, and there will be a movie at some point, too. We just don't know when. In fact, series creator Mitch Hurwitz is developing other things for Netflix as he waits for something to happen with his own cult comedy.

At least, that's what we thought as of a few days ago. Now it seems Hurwitz is doing something fans have already done – recutting the fourth season of Arrested Development in chronological order. Read more about the Arrested Development season 4 chronological edit below.

The information came from an interview with Pretentious Film Majors, the exact quote at 6:35

Here's the quote:

Right now, I'm cutting a version of season 4 that tells it kind of chronologically and that's like a whole different era [of the show.]

For those who may not remember, because of scheduling, Arrested Development Season 4 was done as character-centric episodes, told out of chronological order. So one episode might allude to or show events that didn't pay off until several episodes later. There was overlap. Clever filmmaking tricks allowed actors who weren't available at the same time to be put into necessary scenes. But some audiences found this incredibly frustrating. Personally, I thought it was a very rewarding experience (I wrote about it here) but it was very, very different from the Arrested Development we knew and loved.

A few fans have already done what Hurwitz is doing, but it'll be great to see the official Arrested Development season 4 chronological edit at some point.

When though and how? Hurwitz didn't say. He did talk about the fifth season of the show though. He said it's up to 20th Century Fox, who owns the project, then added this:

There's more of the story that has to be told somehow and we've got the rest of the story broken. Season 4 was always meant to be act one of a three act structure, where everything goes sour at the end of it.

Previously, Hurwitz said a movie would come before season five, so that would account for the next two acts. As for when we might see the new cut of Arrested Development Season 4, you'd have to guess it'll either be uploaded to Netflix or be on an eventual Blu-ray release.

Will you rewatch Arrested Development Season 4 chronological cut?