Star Wars Bits: Possible Episode VII Vehicle Descriptions; Plus Han Solo And Skellig Michael

Lots of rumored concept art is described in this edition of Star Wars Bits. Below, read about the following:

  • Is Maisie Richardson-Sellers actually in Star Wars Episode VII?
  • The Episode VII filming on Skellig Michael was reportedly scaled down.
  • Learn more about Han Solo's primary outfit in Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Read rumored descriptions of several possible new ships in Episode VII.
  • More potential details about a major spoiler scene are described.
  • Earlier this year, we kept hearing the name Maisie Richardson-Sellers as a possible cast member of Star Wars Episode VII. However, nothing official was ever announced and we assumed it probably didn't happen...or did it? JediNews noticed that the IMDB page for the film has updated with the actress's name as well as a character name: Korr Sella. Obviously, the IMDB is about as reliable as Wikipedia cause anyone can add names to it. But it's worth taking note of this.

    One of the most public Star Wars Episode VII location shoots this year was on the island of Skellig Michael, in Ireland. Now, it seems that whatever was shot there was much smaller than initially planned. The Irish Examiner (via SW7News) talked to some local government officials who said the production was only given permission to shoot there when they proposed a scaled down plan. The thought was the original size would have endangered some of the local wildlife. It's a pretty interesting little controversy.

    Making Star Wars is back with a bunch of new descriptions of possible Star Wars Episode VII concept art. First up, they have a description of what may or may not be Han Solo's primary look in the film. Here's a one word teaser: duster.

    They also have a lot, and I mean, a lot of descriptions of ships that may have been designed for the film. These ships don't have official names but the site has given them placeholders based on the classic Star Wars style of letters. So, while you've all seen A, B, Y and X-Wings, head here to read about what an E-Wing or C-Wing might look like in the sequel. And here to read about a ship that Daisy Ridley's character could pilot in the movie. Still can't visualize it? The site has drawn out rough sketches of the rumored designs. These definitely look Star Wars-y, but it feels like there are too many ships. If anything, maybe one or two of these make it into the movie. What do you think?

    Finally, Making Star Wars has a possible description of a a scene that, if it's true, is a major, major spoiler. Something in line with that rumor that went around a few weeks back. If you know about it, head to the link, but if not, avoid at all costs. We're talking Luke and Darth on the Death Star stuff here.