Could The Incredibles 3D Be Getting A Theatrical Release?

Earlier this year, news broke that The Incredibles and Ratatouille were getting 3D post-conversions. The two Brad Bird-directed Oscar-winners are already on Blu-ray, but the rumor was that these conversions could be for upgraded 3D Blu-ray discs. Soon after that rumor landed, a 3D version of Ratatouille hit shelves overseas. Nothing happened with The Incredibles, however. Now, a new rumor says that, unlike Ratatouille, The Incredibles 3D conversion could be going to the big screen.

The rumor popped up on FinalReel. They noted that when Ratatouille 3D was classified in the UK by the British Board of Film Classification, it was done so as a "video." The Incredibles was classified as a "film," which suggests a possible theatrical release.

Neither Walt Disney Theatrical nor Disney Home Video had an official response as of press time. And a hail mary tweet to Brad Bird remains unreturned. (He's probably a little bit busy.)

Honestly, the move makes very little sense. 2014 is the 10th anniversary of The Incredibles. With only two months left in the calendar, that ship has all but sailed. Plus there's still an Incredibles Blu-ray available for purchase, so releasing a second one also doesn't sound correct.

Actually, the most logical explanation of all this is animated films aren't difficult to convert into 3D and the conversion will be held until something happens with The Incredibles 2. Once that happens, they can pull the current Blu-ray, release a new one with a 3D conversion, and maybe do a 3D double feature in theaters. But conservatively speaking, that's at least five years down the road. Why go through all this trouble now?

It's a mystery we have no answer to just yet but will keep an eye on. What do you think is the reason a 3D version of The Incredibles was classified in the UK? Would you pay to go see the film again in theaters?