VOTD: New IKEA Commercial Pays Homage To 'The Shining'

Stanley Kubrick's vision of Stephen King's The Shining has become so iconic, ripping it off is almost cliché. Oh, is that a guy with his head popping through a cracked door? A typewriter with the same phrase over and over? A snowy hedge maze? We get it.

That said, somehow a new commercial by IKEA is all kinds of awesome. It's a blatant Shining homage/rip-off but maybe it's the production value, the single take, the easter eggs throughout, or the absurdity of an IKEA Shining commercial existing at all, but you've gotta check it out.

Thanks to IO9 for the heads up and IKEA Singapore for the video.

IKEA Shining Commercial

I have to say, I think subconsciously while walking through an IKEA, I've definitely though about setting a horror movie there. So many options for hiding, for weapons, for interesting chases, so this just works. Do you agree this is cool or is it just another Shining cliché?