Hendo Hover Promises A Working Hoverboard By 2015

Of all the futuristic 2015 technologies promised in Back to the Future Part II, the one we're most disappointed hasn't come to pass is the hoverboard. But there's still one year until the date Marty McFly is scheduled to land, and Hendo Hover is determined to make hoverboards a reality in time for his arrival.

The company, led by Northern California couple Greg and Jill Henderson, are working hard to create a real, working hoverboard — with some help from Kickstarter, hopefully. Should all go well, the first hoverboards will be produced by October 21, 2015. Hit the jump for more details on the working hoverboard, including how you can buy one for yourself.

Perhaps the biggest downside of the current Hender Hover model is that it only works over certain types of surfaces, so to fully take advantage of its capabilities you'll have to visit the Hender Hoverpark (location TBD). However, they hope someday to have hoverboards that can hover over anything, "even water."

The first ten hoverboards — offered as prizes for Kickstarter donations at the $10,000 level — are all spoken for. But those interested in general hover technology can shell out $299 for the Whitebox Developer Kit, which includes "a Hendo hover engine set, and enough surface to hover it on." So you can go ahead and try to build your own, if you want to.

For more information, watch the Hendo Hover Kickstarter campaign video below or click over to the crowdfunding page.