'The Last Scout' Trailer: The Last Of Mankind Seeks A New Home

We're thinking about sci-fi as all the reviews hit for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar; meanwhile here's the trailer for an independent film that also deals with mankind looking to the stars when situations go bad on Earth. In The Last Scout the situation on Earth is far more dire, leading a ship that contains essentially the remnants of humanity to explore space in search of a new home. It's a little bit Battlestar Galactica, and a little bit drawn from a few other shows and films you like. But that might be alright. Check out The Last Scout trailer after the break.

The Last Scout is directed by Simon Phillips from a screenplay by Paul Tanter (the White Collar Hooligan trilogy). Watching this trailer I would love to some degree if this turned out to be a prequel to a sci-fi series that some book lovers have read often (swipe so as not to spoil things for potential book readers: I'm thinking Pern here — something like this would be great as the setup for the discovery of Pern) but we'll let it live its own life as an indie sci-fi feature.

The cast includes Rita Ramnani, Peter Woodward, Simon Phillips, Rebecca Ferdinando, Deji LaRay, Paul Thomas Arnold, Petra Bryant & Blaine Gray. The Last Scout spent October raising completion funding via IndieGogo. That fundraiser has been a great success, with the film hitting over 250% of the goal.

Trailer via Vimeo; header poster via HeyUGuys. Thanks to FirstShowing.

In 2065, a devastating nuclear war between America and China renders planet Earth uninhabitable. Those with access to commercial and private spacecraft escape the planet and the two sides each decide to search for a new home. Seven years into their journey. the crew of The Pegasus and the ship itself are tired and reaching breaking point. As they approach the system containing the planet they must survey, they discover another ship may have already beaten them to it. As they debate whether to board the other ship or continue with their mission, their lives, and the fate of humanity itself, hangs in the balance.