Rumor: Robin Is Female In 'Batman V Superman' [Updated]

A news report out of Detroit has a few big bits of information about Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman, and the biggest report is that a character long-speculated about will finally appear in the film. According to a local reporter, Robin will make an appearance. And in keeping with the influence from Frank Miller's Batman story The Dark Knight Returns, the Batman v Superman Robin will be female.

Those who've been following along with Batman v Superman rumors probably know where this is going, but we'll keep the real info after the jump for those who want to avoid detailed spoilers.

Update: One part of this story has been confirmed, though we don't have final confirmation on Robin's appearance (or lack thereof) in the film.

Rumors have flown for a couple weeks that Jena Malone is in Batman v Superman, and that she would play Robin. That talk started when she was spotted on set, though the idea of the Sucker Punch alum visiting a Zack Snyder set isn't all that outlandish, and not necessarily indicative of anything. Then she posted an Instagram shot showing red-dyed hair (seen also in her NYFF appearance for Inherent Vice) with a caption saying "Drastic times call for drastic measures."


Drastic times call for drastic measures.

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This picture also proves nothing, it should be noted.

The notion that Malone is in the film led to questions about her taking the Robin role, but they've been shouted down in the past. Having a news reporter say that Robin is definitely in the film is one step towards confirmation, but that info is not confirmed. And linking it to Malone is yet another step.

Update: THR has since confirmed that Malone is in the film. Her role is still unknown.

Here's the news report, via The Wrap, which also contains some other possible big spoilers about the film. Those details were delivered by an extra on the film, who tries to get away with disguised anonymity. But the story is that Warner Bros. is launching a big lawsuit against the guy for breaking a signed confidentiality agreement. So proceed with caution here.

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