'Myst' TV Show In Development From Legendary

The game Myst was one of the first mega-hits of the CD-Rom wave of gaming in 1993. It spawned sequels, spin-offs and novels, and was a top seller in games for almost a decade. Now Legendary TV has made a deal with Cyan Worlds, the original developer of the game, to develop a Myst TV show and accompanying new video game. The two projects won't merely be parallel story concepts, however, as Cyan wants to make a truly interactive pair of new Myst stories, in which audiences can play the game on tablets while watching the show. Myst was a first-person point and click adventure game that cast players as The Stranger, who explored a mysterious island in part through the use of books which allow travel to other locations. Those locations all feature puzzles, some of which were rather difficult, which unlock new clues and pieces of backstory. Like some early text-based games such as Zork, Myst doesn't start with any big exposition dump. The player simply begins exploring the world, and the story unfolds as clues and pages are found.Deadline reports the basic deal and has a quote from Cyan that, in part, says the deal with Legendary means "finally being able to express in a visual linear medium the rich story that the Myst franchise is dripping with."

In addition, the developer says:

Cyan's goal in working with Legendary is not just to create a compelling TV drama but to develop a true transmedia product that will include a companion video game that extends the story across both media. Seventy percent of tablet owners use their device while watching TV at least several times a week. Cyan sees the potential to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling to a new level.

We don't have any more details on the Myst TV show, or how it might interact with the game. This deal has been brewing for a while, but still seems to be in early-ish stages.