Marvel's 'Fantastic Four' Comic Ending; Michael B. Jordan Talks Movie Costumes

The Fantastic Four is finished at Marvel Comics. At least for a while. A new report reveals the company will do a a final story arc called "The End Is Fourever" in 2015, serving as the "closing act" of the long-running comic book series. This happens after rumors began to spread of Marvel shunning the superhero team, and months before a 20th Century Fox reboot is set to hit theaters.

Read about Fantastic Four being canceled, as well as some new quotes from star Michael B. Jordan about some of the costumes in the Josh Trank film, below.

Starting with the comic book news, Bleeding Cool found a listing printed by the Hachette Book Group, the distributor of Marvel collections, touting an upcoming collection called Fantastic Four Vol. 4: The End is Fourever. Read for yourself:

THE END IS FOUREVER! Witness the closing act on the First Family of the Marvel Universe! THE INVADERS meet the FANTASTIC FOUR as the hunt for REED RICHARDS and the missing kids of the FUTURE FOUNDATION continues. Meanwhile the mastermind behind everything unveils his ultimate plan. But how does FRANKLIN RICHARDS factor in? And how does this all lead to...The END?! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR #642-644 and the Triple Sized Final Issue 645!

"Closing act," "The END," "Final issue," these all definitely make it sound like the series is coming to an end. Earlier this summer, Bleeding Cool reported Marvel would be ending the Fantastic Four comic book and had pretty much stopped all merchandising and licensing for the property. It was a curious finding considering a major motion picture was hitting theaters the next year. Many speculated this is Marvel's way to try and submarine the film, which was being made at a rival studio, 20th Century Fox. That didn't make much sense, but something was definitely up – and it seems now it was just an ultimate plan to end the comic book series. (We even reported the guys at Mondo weren't able to do Fantastic Four posters). You can read more about the specifics of this series at Bleeding Cool or Comic Book Resources.

The Fantastic Four movie is still on the way, even if it won't have any support in the comic book shops. The latest on the film is from star Michael B. Jordan, who commented on some of the costumes. One interesting mention involves containment suits. Good Morning America caught up with the actor (via Comic Book Movie):

It's a new look. We are all in containment suits. ... It's gritty. It's a gritty film....The costume process definitely took some time to get in and out of that thing, especially since I was bulking up. It was a little more snug during filming. We got through it man. It was a process, but we did it. It was hard work.

If Jordan can now comment on the suits, and reveal they wear containment suits, it suggests maybe Fox is getting ready for a first look at the film. Everything around it is still a big mystery.

What are your thoughts on the future of the Fantastic Four? Are they stopping the comic because of the movie or will the movie force the comics back onto shelves?