VOTD: How Hollywood Sex Scenes Are Filmed

Sex scenes can feel incredibly hot and intimate for those of us watching in the audience, but for the people actually shooting them it's a different story. The latest behind-the-scenes clip from Joe Carnahan's Stretch really drives that point home, showing us what it's really like for Patrick Wilson and Brooklyn Decker to pretend to screw one another for our enjoyment.

While we've seen plenty of clips showing us what action scenes look like before the effects wizards come in to erase the wires and draw in the explosions, this is a rare look at the making of a Hollywood sex scene. Hit the jump to check out the NSFW (for language, not nudity) footage.

If you think about Hollywood sex scenes for more than two seconds, it's not tough to figure out why these might be awkward to shoot. Just imagine getting naked with one of your co-workers while people around you call directions, spray you with fake sweat, and film the results for posterity.

Fortunately, Wilson and Decker don't actually look that uncomfortable here. If anything, they seem to be going out of their way to make sure they both feel okay about what's happening. They're seen joking around and talking things through before filming. And the boss certainly seems pleased with their work — you can hear Carnahan yell "great fucking!" at them from off-camera.

But there's just no getting around the weirdness of having to, for example, move "it" out of the way before you can get to work. And this isn't even all that graphic, as far as sex scenes go. Filming a sex scene doesn't necessarily look unpleasant, but it doesn't really look sexy in the way the finished product will.

For more on how actors themselves feel about filming Hollywood sex scenes, check out this great piece from a couple of years ago. For more from Carnahan's Stretch, follow along with our continuing coverage and keep an eye out for the film's Amazon / iTunes release on October 7.