More Possible 'Star Wars Episode VII' Scenes Described: Lightsabers, Droids, Troopers

There's no end to the amount of rumors and speculation surrounding Star Wars Episode VII. Like, literally no end. The second we read, analyze, and write about one, another two pop up in its place. This is how things are going to go until J.J. Abrams and friends gives us some actual fat to chew on in the form of real information. Who are the actors playing? What's the most absolutely basic plot description? What's the title? Any of that would change the conversation immediately.

For now, without any of that, we continue to feed on bits and pieces. Scraps of information presented in digestible form from all over the internet. Today's example are several rumored scenes and tidbits regarding the reveal of a lightsaber, a new droid and a reference to Empire Strikes Back. To reveal more would be considered a spoiler, so read about the rumored Star Wars Episode 7 spoilers below.

These Episode 7 spoilers all come from Making Star Wars, who have begun to run a regular series called "Star Wars Snapshots." Basically, it reads like they've seen an image or something from the film and describe it. Are these descriptions real? While we can't say for sure, I trust the site enough to tell you they're not fabricating them. They're based in some kind of fact. Still, consider it a rumor because it's definitely not official. Also – final spoiler warning.

First up, the site describes Kira's vehicle. Kira is the named used for the character played by Daisy Ridley. In a recent post, we described where the character lived and her vehicle resided there. Well according to the site, in the film Kira uses that ship (which has four engines around it) to drag an X-Wing fighter with tow cables. The same kind of cables the snowspeeders use in The Empire Strikes Back. She's aided by the huge alien, pig thing the TMZ photos from several months ago revealed. This sounds like something from pretty early in the film if it all lines up. There are more details on the site.

Second, the site describes a scene probably from the middle of the film. Kira (once again) is in the company of a new droid and little alien guy. The droid isn't an R2 unit, but seems in the same family. Here's the description:

The droid is smaller than R2-D2 and Chopper. His head is just above the knee, but not quiet to the hip, he's tiny. His head is silver like Artoo-Detoo but his markings are orange. He has a single eye and two antennas on the top of his head. His neck has a black covering that kind of accordions when he looks around and connects to his body. He is similar to something you might see in Wall-E mixed with one of the senate cams in Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  He has a holographic projector in the same place as Artoo-Detoo as well. His head looks up.

Well this new droid is with an alien and Kira as another figure lights up a lightsaber, startling them. That person is likely the character played by John Boyega. Now is he threatening them or just figuring out how to turn this ancient weapon on? We don't know. But more than likely the latter.

Finally, the site describes yet another kind of Stormtrooper. This one is in the family of the Chrome Troopers we've seen leaked online over the past few weeks, but is a bit more important. This is their leader. It does wear a cloak and, rumor has it, is played by Gwendoline Christie. She may even have a lightsaber that's built out of a wampa claw. Again, as is the case with all of this, head to the links for more details and we don't really know what it is.

Now, the site doesn't post any of these images but it sounds like they are coming from somewhere and depict pretty awesome moments. What do you think about these?